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In April 2020, I launched my YouTube channel. There I started uploading videos and through planning and careful research, I made a lot of content, which in total achieved over 800K views and over 30K watch hours. In the channel, you can find a wide variety of content such as video essays, voice acting videos, impressions, and different fun collaborations with my other creator friends.

Here you can find some of my favorite projects and a bit of backstory behind each of them

I started a VOICE ACTING ACADEMY! | ProFilms Academy

My most ambitious project to date, I created the first voice acting academy in Bulgaria, looking for new talents to join the elite ranks of the Bulgarian voice acting guild. This project was a giant logistical challenge as many people were involved and much planning was needed to pull it off but I worked tirelessly to get my team up to speed and make sure we get a great video out of it.

The Ancient Theater in Plovdiv

This is the video that got me into NYU. It took a week of planning and three days of shooting to get my first documentary-style video created. It won second place in The Clasher's 1M Challenge.

How Does Dubbing in Bulgaria Work?

My first foray into voice acting content was a video where I explain how voice acting actually works. The first video of this kind ever made in Bulgaria. It may not be up to my standards today but it holds a very special place in my heart.

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