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Musical Theater

Working in musical theater has always been a dream of mine and with the help of Bon-Bon Music, it is one that came true. I managed to get a lot of experience in my three leading roles, playing vastly different characters and singing songs in different genres, keys, and so on. 

Rat Surat i Rat Surata-2.jpg

The Cat Gang

Alice Jump.jpg

Through The Looking Glass



The main characters of the musical succeed with the help of goodness and courage and the power of friendship in defeating The Evil Wizard of The Dark Kingdom - Rat Surat (me.) The musical sends this and many more positive messages to every kid and parent. One of the cast's favorite quotes is "To a pal, I give a paw, and protect them in trouble."
Through The Looking Glass, presented by Bon-Bon Music in collaboration with UNICEF, is a musical phenomenon dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention for Children's Rights - the most widely ratified international instrument in the history of human rights. More than 50 children from Bon-Bon (between 4 and 15 years old) sing, dance and perform the musical on their own. It is directed by Biserka Kolevska, a winner of many prestigious international awards. 
Bon-Bon Music's second original musical "Cinderella" dazzled all of Bulgaria with its tour around all the largest and most beautiful stages in the country. With the large dance numbers, gorgeous costumes and direction by the great Biserka Kolevska, the production has made many families laugh and kids smile at the singing, jokes and choreography.
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