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Voice Acting Projects

Chris Varbanovski is an accomplished voice actor who has lent his voice to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. From Disney to Universal, Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network, Chris has worked on a variety of projects in Alexandra Audio, ProFilms, and Doli Media Studio. Here are all his notable projects.

Cartoon Network

Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid is a brave and adventurous teenager who works as a delivery boy for his friend’s noodle shop. One day, he learns that he is the chosen one to stop the evil Demon Bull King from conquering the world. With the help of his friends and the Monkey King’s guidance, Monkie Kid embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery, friendship, and fun.



Mike is a bit nerdy, but he is always willing to help and he never turns back on his friends. When he becomes Krush he is powerful, but not almighty. This makes his adventures with the Ghostforce fun, engaging, and interesting.  He is also the son of a famous basketball player but appears not to have any interest in his father's job.



The Loud House

Dang, it! Someone always ruins Lincoln Loud's plans, whether it is one of his 10 sisters, his parents, or a zombie apocalypse. His best trait is that no matter what, he will always find a way to succeed. He was my second major character, and boy oh boy,  I did not expect dubbing to be so fun (and tiring.) 

Cartoon Network

Bakugan: Battle Planet

Hey, I'm Dan, Dan Kouzo and this is my friend, Drago. Bakugan: Battle Planet is a new iteration of the iconic anime. This time more modern and more fun. Dan Kuso is a very difficult character to play as he is extremely energetic and has a very difficult timbre to reproduce.

Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Future

Steven Universe is one of the most beloved characters to teens and kids alike. He is caring and passionate. The show teaches many life lessons as Steven encounters numerous hardships and has to fight the world's many evils. I am glad to be a part of this project, pushing for inclusivity and diversity and spreading the ideology behind it.


The Lion Guard

This is UnBungalievable! Bunga is an energetic and bright character. He is wise but also quirky. He was also my first-ever major character. At the age of 12, it was quite a challenge, but one which I accepted and partook in with pleasure and pride!


A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose is a touching family movie about, well... A Dog's Purpose. In this one, I play young Ethan, who is an eight-year-old boy, who loves to play with his dog called Bailey. Although Bailey causes a lot of trouble for him, Ethan still loves him.

Cartoon Network

Lego Ninjago

Lloyd is always the smartest in the room, or so he thinks. He has a very calm character and thus a soothing and soft voice. This character was also a big challenge for me since I took over the part from another actor.



Erick is the best pro gamer of all. Though I can't see him beating me at Mario Kart. Somewhat cringy, this character always finds his way into our hearts. He is funny, and smart, and did I already say he's a pro gamer? What more could you possibly want of a teenage boy?



Aaaa... Aaaaa... AAAAAAATCHOO! Am I a frog now!? Teo is a very peculiar kid. Every time he sneezes he turns into an animal. Who would need a zoo with a friend like that? This show is especially difficult to dub, as in a ten-minute episode the character has more than a few voice changes.



A boy who loves animals in a family of hunters. You can probably see why Stubbins is not your average Welsh kid. Dolittle might not have been a box office hit, but it's a sweet family movie that everyone should see.


Barbapapa: One Big Family

Barbabravo is a really cute one. He is a bit clumsy but very intelligent. He is very strong and likes to win. He also likes to lead and loves to eat. Barbabravo is a little too pleased with himself, but he is a good fellow.


Agent Binky: Pets of The Universe

Binky and his fellow P.U.R.S.T. agents (Pets of the Universe Ready for Space Travel) protect their human families from aliens (code name: ants, flies, grasshoppers and vacuum cleaners); this paw-some team is certified and ready for action.

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